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Tina became engaged to Richard Abbott but called off the wedding when Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born) revealed that Cord was really Clint's son.

Tina and Cord got married and Tina blackmailed Asa into giving him a million dollar inheritance supposedly from Al Roberts, the man he thought was his father. Tina was pregnant with Cord's baby when, on a trip to Argentina with Max Holden (James De Paiva), fell over the Iguazu Falls and was presumed dead.

I know a lot of GL fans hated then-executive producer Paul Rauch's -esque mob saga featuring Rick's little sister, Danny and his wacked out mob mama Carmen Santos, as well as his larger-than-life San Cristobel misadventures, but both of those storylines sure as heck beat anything we've seen in the last five years on this soap.

had their own bitchtastic super feud as well, between stuck up society maven Vanessa Chamberlain (Maeve Kinkead) and trailer trash vamp Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer).

I doubt if Long were back at the helm this show would need a population of head writers that rivals my hometown back in Texas.9.) Bring back Krista Tesreau as Melinda Sue "Mindy' Lewis – Newer GL fans who have enjoyed Billy's (Jordan Clarke) fatherly relationship with Lizzie (Marcy Rylan), would love to see how the Oklahoma oil man related to his little princess Mindy Sue.

While the role of Mindy has been oft-recast, it was Krista Tesreau's version who along with Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Michael O' Leary (Rick) and Judi Evans (ex-Beth) comprised GL's original iconic Four Musketeers, and with Phillip on his way home to Springfield, Rick and Beth are gonna need all the help they can get in dealing with their old frenemy, especially if he didn't manage to find his marbles while he was away! Alban as Danny and Michelle Bauer Santos – For this GL fan it was the beginning of the end when TIIC showed the soap's most popular couple in well over a decade the door, when neither actor wanted to leave. Alban and Stewart, Wheeler pulled a Ken Corday, years before Ken Corday himself, and the show has suffered for it ever since.

From the time Chamberlin returned in the mid-90's, I saw her Beth as the odd woman out, forever trying to come between my precious Pharley (Aleksander and Beth Ehlers as Harley).

If Evans' return could generate some old school 80's buzz factor, it just might buy the soap some time, and much needed good press.

Tina was charged with Maria's murder and stood trial where the truth about baby Al came out.I’d also give Cord and Tina an award for the characters-returning-to-cancelled-soaps-at-the-end who got the best resolution – at least romantically.Their reunion and wedding was perfect and honored their characters and their love in a beautiful, full-circle moment.I may not have warmed up to Cyrina, but it was definitely better than the snorefest that is Mallet (Robert Bogue) and Marina. And please, oh please do NOT tell me it has anything to do with actors not wanting to work with this person or that person! On the sets of these shows you screw who the writers tell you to, or at least simulate it...Mallet should be dating Marina's mother, or better yet, he should be pursuing his Soaps used to do what was called triangles. Actors and actresses who pull these stunts and hold soaps hostage with their groins—and you and I 5.) Bring back Judi Evans as Beth Raines to complete The Original Four Musketeers – I told you, some of these suggestions would be radical!

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